Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is a surreal country with all the ingredients for an outstanding trip including cultural values, vibrant landscapes, historical character, and many many pubs. 

If you are planning to go to Ireland, your first stop most likely will be Dublin. Dublin, the capital of Southern Ireland, proudly represents the country in character and welcoming hospitality seen throughout all of Ireland. I recommend at least three full days in Dublin to get a taste of Irish culture. 

Places you must visit in Dublin 

  • EPIC Museum aka The Irish Emigration Museum -  I had the most memorable experience at the Epic Museum. The museum walks you through the history of Irish emigration in an interactive format that makes the different aspect of the culture come alive. For me, it made me want to know more about my ancestors and consider the hardships they had to go through for me to happen. This museum highlights the tenacity and resiliency of the Irish people and their ancestors. 
  • Guinness Storehouse Experience - By far, the Guinness Storehouse Experience is the most outstanding brewery experience I have ever visited. You could literally spend 3-6 hours on this tour because there is so much to do. Especially, if you do the connoisseur tour which I totally recommend.The fastest way to get in is to buy tickets in advance via the Guinness website. The tour walks you through the history of Guinness and starts by presenting the 9000 year lease Arthur Guinness signed when he locked in his tenancy at St. James Gate in Dublin. The connoisseur tour will teach you how to properly pour a pint of Guinness. The Gravity Bar at the rooftop of the Guinness Storehouse is the perfect way to finish your tour as you will have a 360 degree view of Dublin while enjoying a pint.
  • Temple Bar Area - Iconic pubs, local restaurants, vintage shops and much more makeup Temple Bar Area. This is the place to have fun, enjoy a taste of the local cuisine, or to simply be entertained by Irish musicians and bar culture. The famous "The Temple Bar" is a must-see as a tourist but it is recommended to explore the more local pubs in the area. 
  • Trinity College - Founded in 1952, Trinity College is the most important University in Ireland. It houses the Book of Kells, an important religious manuscript from the 9th century, and has an incredible "Old Library" that preserves thousands of ancient books. 
  • St. Stephens Green -  A public park, located near the city center of Dublin. This charming park has beautiful flowers along its sidewalks and stunning green areas perfect for picnics. 
  • Little Museum of Dublin - a rumored gem adjacent to St. Stephens Green that I did not have the chance to visit but will definitely visit one day. It has a unique collection of items that tell a story of Dublin City from an intimate and different perspective. It is literally a little museum in a Georgian Townhouse.