our story

The year is 2007, a financial crisis was beginning to unfold, Britney Spears unforgettably shaved her head, and the life-changing iPhone made its debut. Meanwhile, in the small but bubbly town of Weston, Florida two Colombian girls, Danis and Sofia, embarked on a journey to a new middle school where their lives immediately crossed paths. Danis and Sofia had so much in common, they were both new to the neighborhood, had similar familial backgrounds, and curiosity to learn about the world. During those teenage years, the girls navigated the intricacies of understanding boys, making friendships, and embarking the journey of true self-discovery. As best friends would, they shared everything with each other from their clothes to free-spirited adventures. Naturally, Danis’ artistic inclinations channeled her energy into clothing design and photoshoots, with Sofia enthusiastically playing the role of the muse in these creative endeavors.

As they started to develop their individual passions and after Danis graduated high school in 2012, life led them on to separate journeys that would eventually bring them to unearth careers, relationships, and  self- discovery. 

Fast forward to 2021, life naturally reconnected these two after a few instagram messages. The experiences that these two women lived for 9 years without each other shaped them into two powerful self-aware and goal oriented women. Danis, now a lawyer, and Sofia, a real estate investment professional, found their paths had crossed not out of coincidence but out of fate. Danis, still with an eye for fashion, and Sofia, with a deep passion for self-expression, together formed Nudy, a celebration of individuality and a vibrant articulation of their unique perspectives and creative synergy

Together, they invite you to embrace the unexpected, celebrate enduring friendships, and most importantly, enjoy all that you are.