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The importance of Self-Care

The importance of Self-Care

Being the best version of

yourself to yourself and for yourself (tongue twister, I know) is the most enjoyable

thing you can do. Understanding that you deserve to have the happiest and most

fulfilling life is liberating and courageous. By setting some time to

intentionally nurture your well-being, you are mindfully giving yourself the

best gift you can give yourself, the gift of self-love and that is power within


Decide that you deserve a

little more than you are already giving yourself. After all, you have the power

to choose what you experience.


Who do you want to be: What

do you stand for, what do you want to be recognized as?

What you are thankful for:

A classic, but nonetheless the best way to invoke a peaceful and mindul moment.

What are you really afraid

of: Tell yourself the truth. Rational vs Irrational

What would you want for yourself

if you could have anything? Consider physical items, experiences, career, how

you want to feel, goals you want to achieve Pro tip: Visualize you having this


Take yourself out on a


You could go somewhere or

even create this at home. Self-date ideas

Must haves: Dress up (As in

– dress/groom yourself to how you feel the most confident)

Get help

Traditionally, people have

limited themselves to thinking that getting help only comes from professionals.

Now we have resources that are easily accessible to get the help we need to improve

the parts of us we know needs change.

 Recommended Books:

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