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Fitness and Emotions

Fitness and Emotions

Did you know we store most of our suppressed emotions in our hips? Apparently, we have a big muscle called iliopsoas which is located within the inner hips. This muscle connects your upper and lower body, both physically and emotionally.

Expanding and stretching this muscle can help release all emotions you might have stored up in your body. No wonder I cry in yoga sometimes.

This is also why fitness is so important. It really shakes your body, it helps release all tension that has built up from the day or the week or even the year. Imagine retaining everything you experience? Insane, right? Well, its true.

If you feel stuck in life or just have had some intense and emotional days, a good way to release this is really stretching out the hips. Some way or another but stretching them out and giving them space to feel and release.

In 1985, neuroscientist Candace Pert found proteins linked to emotions. She said that the body is your subconscious mind. So when you listen to the body, you are actually listening to your inner child.


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