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Today I write from a place of creative desire. We all want to be our best selves always. But there is always something, maybe somethings. Either it be an external limitation, or internal. There is always something stopping us from being our best selves. But, what does being our best self mean?


Our society has put a scenario where being creative is for the crazy. For “others.” For artists and those who have money to live off painting, and drawing. Really, though, being creative is actually just allowing yourself to flow in the direction that your body and self want to go.


How to find out how to do this? I have four concepts that may lead you to a life of creativity.


  1. Trust

Trusting yourself and the world comes from a place of knowing that things work out for you at the end of the day. Sometimes, creativity is about trusting yourself to let yourself go and let go of all control you might want within you and your external world.


Trusting requires constant self talk on letting go. On shredding any piece of you that might want a certain outcome and think that the universe did not already hear you. Letting go of any doubt you may have and know that things will work out.


  1. Permission

One of the main reasons people do not allow themselves to be creative is because they do not give themselves the permission that they deserve to be free. We always want to be productive and efficient and where does creativity fit into this? Well, sometimes it does not. But creativity communicates to the world that even with all the chaos and necessities of this world, there is still room for fun, for play.


We always feel like we need to save the world. But why do we have to? The world was already thriving even before we were born. And yes, its very honorable to go and be a lawyer and a doctor and save lives, and honestly very courageous. But there is also room and beauty is doing creative things. They don’t have to be live or die scenarios, and they don’t have to save the world. They can simply be letting it all out and allowing yourself to flow within you.


  1. Confidence

Confidence is a funny one because confidence can mean many things. You can be confident speaking your arguments in court and knowing you have an excellent closing argument. But you might not be confident when someone is taking a picture of you. Here, I talk about confidence that your work might not be liked by anyone but you truly enjoyed creating it. That’s all. This kind of confidence is very intrinsic. Is knowing that you are not living or creating for others. You are simply allowing all ideas and creatives to come out of you with knowing that fuck it, I am doing this because I feel like doing this and it makes me feel good and it makes me feel alive. Period.


  1. Self-Love

I left this one for last because it’s the most important one. I mean, you cannot have confidence, trust, permission, without self-love. There is nothing there. So, I recommend to start here. Self-love is everything. Self-love is the way to love others, to love your life, to be playful, to know you deserve what you truly want, to be confident with your decisions. To allow your heart to open up so all of your chakras open. To flow, to enjoy, to laugh, to feel at peace, to create, and to live. With self-love, you can stop anything you are doing and enjoy the present moment.

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