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Do people believe in manifesting? I would love to know, please comment your opinions on this below. I am an absolute believer. Manifesting is the creation of your life. When you believe in manifestation, you believe you can be anything, do anything, create anything. How to manifest the life you want in four quick tips:

  1. Know your worth

Before you start manifesting, you gotta know what you want right? And sometimes, we want things because we cannot see our reality being further than what we believe we deserve. For example, I might want to manifest a pool in my backyard, I can visualize the pool that might be nice to have, maybe a cute little one, nothing to crazy, something I can afford. But why can’t a manifest a gigantic one with turbo heating and night lights? Because I may not know I can actually get it.

Same concept goes to everything else. “I want to make xx amount of money next year, so I will manifest.” But why not xxx amount? You might not think it is possible for YOU. This comes down to how much you really think you deserve something and what you truly believe to be your reality.

Knowing your worth is knowing your potential and what you know you can achieve. Knowing your worth is equivalent to what you want to manifest and therefore, attracting, into your life.

  1. Understanding your emotions

Just because you want something does not mean you will attract it. You attract with emotions. This means that you attract with how you feel about what you are thinking, not what you are actually thinking. For example, you want a nicer car, but whenever you think of the nicer car, you feel bad because you do not actually have it. Your emotions are in lack of the nicer car. You will only attract more of that feeling in terms of your car. So, knowing and understanding how you are feeling towards a nicer car can communicate to you what you are attracting. If you feel good every time you are thinking of a new and nicer car, then you are in the right direction.

  1. Meditation

I know what you are thinking. “This hippie!” but when I say meditation, I mean isolating your thoughts in any way shape or form. This does not mean you need to be surrounded by a candle, laying down and singing mantras. It can be this, but it does not have to be. You can meditate while you run, while you are driving to work, while you eat lunch by yourself. Meditation is being present, letting go of the past and future and all the fear that comes with that. Meditation means clearing your mind of all the fogginess you experience throughout the day and simply enjoying where you are.

Being in a meditative zone helps you clear up your thoughts and allows for better and newer ones to come that might bring you more and more peace. Manifesting is all about being what you want to manifest. The universe gives you what you give to the universe, so if you are meditating at peace, you will attract peace.

  1. Habits / action

Once you are clear as to what you want to manifest and understand your emotion on where you are manifesting such thing, its time to act. Yes, sometimes you manifest things without putting any work into it and great! Love this so much for you. However, some things take a little bit of work. For example, you want to manifest a jeep. Yes, notice how you are feeling when you thinking of getting a Jeep, and clarify to the world what exactly it is you want. But now, you gotta go look for one. You have to search online or go to shops, figure out how much it is to buy or lease one, find out how much money you need to put down to buy one. What are the requirements to purchase one (credit score, ect.) This all comes with action. And once you put this action into work, we wait for it to manifest.

It is that easy. But it take habits to change and action to move. Anything you want is really out there for you at your disposal. All you have to do is believe it exists and it can be created, believe you deserve it, and create habits and actions that allow for this.

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