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What is your direction and how to figure it out?

What is your direction and how to figure it out?

There is a lot of pressure on asking yourself "what is my passion?" "What do I want to do for the rest of my life?" The lack of response to this question and why we tend to procrastinate an answer is because this is simply not the question to ask. Instead, this question could be more about "what moves me at this moment of my life? "what inspires me and allows me to be myself right now?" 

Life is short but really, life is long. We evolve faster than you think and we tend to change our mind 24/7, which is the absolute normality. We are meant to evolve and change, and get inspired by many many things. There is also many ways to channel this energy and inspiration and its okay to change our "career" more than one or two or three or four times. It's an endless cycle, and we just have to enjoy it. 

So, what is your direction goes back to your intention as to what you want your life to look like for the next year, two years, or even five years from now? Make an intention with your actions and you will find your direction. 


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