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9 Essentials for the Active Woman

9 Essentials for the Active Woman

The sun is out and we’re here for it.  Fortunately, we’ve curated a list of essentials for those women who need a guide to get started with active wellness.. Whether you are in Miami, like us, or on a beach in Portugal you will find that there is something in this list you actually need. 

1. Sun Protection - It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Sunscreen is a must. Here are our favorite mineral sunscreens that will keep your skin protected and ready for anything.

Pro tip: Use a hat or try this one to maximize sun protection. It will physically cover your face from the harmful rays of the sun and keep your pony looking fresh.

Cute Ponytail Cap

2. Sneakers - Not all active women do the same activities. Some opt for the *HGW Hot Girl Walk, the daily Crossfit class, or evening running club jog.  No matter what, you need some sneakers to make the most of your summer. Here are our faves:  
3. Water Bottle - The team at Nudy are thirsty. Literally, all the time. We can always be found sipping on icy water to stay hydrated, keep our organs functioning smoothly, and have the glowing skin we’ve always dreamed of.  
Pro Tip: Get the largest water bottle you can find and make it a thing to finish it throughout the day (We linked the 32 oz but you can adjust the size & color!)
4. Sun Glasses - Every Time you are in the sun, it is essential you protect your eyes with glasses. Recently a friend showed me her eye that had an extra growth due to sun damage. She was diagnosed with Pinguecula (Surfer’s Eye). It has no cure (only removal)  and is more common than you think.  

5. Bathing Suit - We ran into the most chic bathing suit options and they are so worth taking a look. 

6. Sand Proof Beach Blanket - This is the most underrated element in beach packing. It’s so important to have a large enough and comfortable place to lay and chill with friends. This option is functional but also cute at the same time: 

    7. Fitness Trackers - Data is everything. Keeping track of activity levels will help you understand how active you are and motivate you to reach your physical goals. 

      8. Passport and Vaccine Card Protector Carrier/Protector - Summer vacation and prioritizing intentional restful time is necessary to maintaining a sustainable powerful lifestyle. Make sure to have a place to keep your travel essentials , namely your passport and vaccine records, safe from the elements.  

        All-in-One Passport and Vaccine Card Holder


          9. Headphones - When you are on your own and want to listen to your fave Podcast (Check out Nudy talk), listen to some motivating music on your HGW, or simply call up your best friend; earphones are simply a MUST. We recommend Apple AirPods since its all we use. 

          Apple AirPods

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