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Insights That Will Simply Make Your Life Better

Insights That Will Simply Make Your Life Better

We all know that certain truths exist but are hard to follow and implement in your life. The best way to let go of things that no longer serve you is to become aware of them and slowly, but surely, work through them. Here are some insights that will help you align to live a better life.

  1. Your self-love needs to be greater than your desire to be accepted.

There is no amount of external love, acceptance, popularity, or attention that will replace the self-love that we all want to feel. It all starts from within. If you feel like you need something outside yourself, such as a new phone, new relationship, new job, to make you feel loved and happy, you will eventually find disappointment. The greater you work within on your self-love and happiness, the more satisfied and at peace you will feel regardless of your externalities.

  1. Knowing your worth will set the standard of living in your life.

Sometimes it is not about believing you can do it. Sometimes it is simply believing that you deserve what you desire. You are smart enough, you are brave enough, you are strong enough, to go and imagine that life you crave to live.

  1. Take responsibility.

Know that your emotions are yours only. No one can truly make you feel something other than yourself. You have complete control of how you react to your external circumstances. Knowing that you cannot blame your external world for your unhappiness will allow you to act and create that happiness yourself. This can also release a lot of pressure because sometimes we feel responsible for other people’s happiness, such as your partner or colleagues. We tend to want to make others feel comfortable or happy or satisfied, when we cannot do that for them. They must take care of themselves while you take care of yourself.

  1. See life as an algorithm.

Just like TikTok and Instagram, your world will manifest with the energy you are putting out there. The more attention you give to an emotion, the more you will receive it back. If you feel happy, more things that will make you happy will come to you. If you feel anxious, more things that will make you nervous will come to you.

  1. There is no such thing as finding yourself somewhere else.

You have always been you. You just might have mental limitations, emotional excuses, certain baggage, fears, and negative thought patterns. The minute you get rid of those is the minute you will feel like your true self.


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