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Sofas & Sofa Beds

Sofas & Sofa Beds


Everybody loves a convertible sleeper sofa that brings style and aesthetics to your home. The best thing about this sofa is that you can choose different colors to go with your decor.


This Mid Century Modern Sofa is my favorite so far. I know that white interior is in right now but having a nice color touch to the room does not hurt anybody. This is a skin-friendly velvet loveseat with wooden legs and serves different purposes, such as a sleeper sofa.



The Meridian Ritz collection comes in two colors but I am absolutely loving this white modern feel that can be accompanied by a simple and stylish rug. 

This contemporary model sofa really brings out the classy energy we all need with the comfortable seating as well. These kinds of sofas are also perfect for small spaces that might need a smaller coffee table and a more simplistic look. 

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