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How to clear your skin (Intuitively):

How to clear your skin (Intuitively):

We can all agree that make up is a great tool to use when wanting to cover imperfections with your skin. And that is okay. Make up is beautiful and helps empower women. But to really clear your skin, products might be cut short to the task.

The interaction and connection between gut microbiota and a healthy skin has only recently become evident. The gut holds bacteria stored in the body and it is the ultimate guide to whether the body is functioning correctly in terms of your digestion. Keeping a healthy Gut is essential to your overall health but also clear skin.

About two years ago, I had a lot of stomach problems and I ended up having H-Pylori. Some of you might know how this bacteria is but basically hinders your digestive system intensively. I would get sudden pains throughout my day. Finally, my doctor provided antibiotics for 14 days. After a very painful and long 14 day experience, the bacteria had finally been released from my body.

Even though the bacteria had left, my skin was insanely horrible. I mean, acne all over my face and neck. And my family does not have a history of acne and I have never really suffered from it so I found it very weird.

I kept buying many skin products to help me heal, I changed my food intake and tried to stay very healthy, but nothing. Finally, I went to get my 10 thousandth facial with this Colombian lady, she was so cute. She told me to drink Liver Detox Tea twice a week. So I did. And my skin had never been that clear. I mean, it was a complete shift that I never thought was possible. My skin cleared completely within two weeks!

Till this day, I am still shocked and so overwhelmed by the power of your gut health. I have attached a link to the tea I got here.

It might not work for everyone, but this tea was a clear answer for me and my body. I do not drink it too often but I feel I need so “internal cleaning,” I just go for it.



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